TranSCEND: Transdiagnostic Subtyping and Classification Efforts in Neurodegenerative Diseases

  • Funding: UCL-USyd Ignition Scheme.
  • Dates: 2023-11 – 2024-11
  • Personnel: Neil Oxtoby (UCL PI), Elie Matar (USyd PI), Chris Lambert (UCL Co-I).
  • Summary: TranSCEND is a one-year pilot study, funded by UCL and the University of Sydney. The aim is to use routine neuroimaging (e.g., in memory clinics) to build subtyping models of atrophy in multiple neurodegenerative diseases, applying the models for differential diagnosis.
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Dr Neil Oxtoby
Dr Neil Oxtoby
PI, Co-Founder, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow