PASSIAN: Piloting A Secure, Scaleable Infrastructure for AI in the NHS

  • Funding: MRC, Artificial intelligence for better biomedical and health research ( link).
  • Dates: 2022-09–2023-03
  • Personnel: Bojidar Rangelov (PDRA), Marcella Montagnese (PDRA, Cambridge), Tom Doel (Software Developer, Code Choreography), David Llewellyn (Co-I, Exeter), Zuzana Walker (Co-I), Timothy Rittman (Co-I, Cambridge), Neil Oxtoby (PI).
  • Summary: In this 6-month sprint project we built a cloud-based federaed learning framework for enabling research on routinely collected data in two NHS memory clinics: Essex and Addenbrookes.
Dr Neil Oxtoby
Dr Neil Oxtoby
PI, Co-Founder, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow