CU-MONDAI: Computational Uncertainty-aware Models Of Neurogenerative Disease And their Inference

  • Funding: Wellcome Trust Investigator in Science award.
  • Dates: 2021-11-01 – 2026-10-31
  • Personnel: Danny Alexander (PI), Ellie Thompson, Tiantian He, Ahmed Abdulaal, Sonja Soskic
  • Summary: The CU-MONDAI project uses computational modelling to shed new light on the biological mechanisms that drive neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. We are leveraging machine learning and big data analysis to improve our understanding of when and where the disease starts; how its spread is linked to the brain’s connectivity architecture; and how it varies among diseases, subtypes, and individuals. In addition, we use causal modelling to identify the links between risk factors and disease progression.
Dr Neil Oxtoby
Dr Neil Oxtoby
PI, Co-Founder, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow