Learning personalised trajectories in Huntington’s disease through computational models of disease progression

  • Funding: CHDI Foundation. Mar 2020 — Aug 2022.
  • Personnel: Peter Wijeratne (PI), Daniel Alexander, Sarah Tabrizi (Huntington’s disease group).
  • Summary: This project will advance on our recent developments in computational modelling of Huntington’s disease (HD) to establish a staging system that can both stratify patients and estimate rate of progression and time between key pathological events. As a first-of-its-type, this system will offer personalised disease trajectories using data-driven methods applied to clinical, imaging, and genotype data. Such patient-specific information can be used to provide fine-grained stratification for clinical trials, and potentially aid in treatment planning in a clinical setting.
Dr Neil Oxtoby
Dr Neil Oxtoby
Co-Leader, Co-Founder, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow