Data-driven models for Progression Of Neurological Disease

E-DADS: Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Subtypes

Data-driven models for Progression Of Neurological Disease

Memory Clinic Patient Management Tools

Analysing over 20 years of clinical and imaging data from the Essex Memory Clinic for differential diagnosis and prognosis

Computational models for clinical trial design in Huntington’s disease

Pete’s MRC Skills Development Fellowship aims to change the way disease modifying therapies in Huntington’s Disease are developed

I-AIM: Individualised Artificial Intelligence for Medicine

Neil's UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

Learning personalised trajectories in Huntington’s disease through computational models of disease progression

Advancing our recent developments in computational modelling of Huntington’s disease (HD) to establish a staging system that can both stratify patients and estimate rate of progression and time between key pathological event

Past Projects

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