Customizing your profile

Hi PONDerers,

This page will give some tips for changing what is shown for you on the “Team” section of the home page. This will cover:

  • Changing your image
  • Changing interests
  • Directly link to your own homepage
  • Adding other links

If you have any other questions, please post in the Teams so the question and answer can be seen by others.

Finding your folder

In the website repo, under content/authors/ you’ll see a folder for yourself (in the format <first letter of first name>_<surname>). If there is no folder, you’ll need to create one for yourself. This folder should have at least a avatar.png (or .jpg, it doesn’t matter), and

Note that is split into two. The first YAML block starts and ends with “---”, and this is where all of the code/options go. Underneath this, is a section where you can write (in Markdown) some information about yourself (if you so wish) that will show up on your personal homepage within this site.

If another member has an icon or something you’d like, just check the in their folder to see how it was done.

Changing your image

To change your image, simply replace the image file, but ensure the filename is still avatar.

“Weight”/Person Ordering

For the weight (which determines the order that people are displayed), please put the year that you joined e.g. weight:2021.

Changing interests

Simply list your interests with the following code in YAML section of

- Long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain

When you click on a person’s name, it will take you to that person’s homepage automatically generated for them (using the information in on this site.

If instead, you would like it to go straight to your personal homepage, then add:

external_link: ""

You can add icons that link to various other pages (Google Scholar, LinkedIn, ORCID etc.). By default, the only icon that shows is email. Some simple obfuscation has been used to avoid scrape & spam, so keep that in mind if you change the email address already put in.

This section is a series of icons under the social parameter. An example looks as follows:

- icon: envelope
  icon_pack: fas
  link: 'mailto:test(AT)'
- icon: twitter
  icon_pack: fab
- icon: google-scholar
  icon_pack: ai
- icon: github
  icon_pack: fab
- icon: home
  icon_pack: fas

The icons come from two main collections: Font Awesome, and Academicons. If using Font Awesome, it’ll tell you the icon pack/style (e.g. “fab” or “fas”), and the icon name. For Academicons use “ai” as the icon_pack, and icon is the name shown. Finally, add the link for the item.

You can add as many as you like. When the website is built, be sure to check that the links are working as intended.

Commit & Deploy!

Once everything is done, remember to commit your changes, otherwise the updates won’t be in the next website build.

To trigger a rebuild of the website, please run the workflow after committing changes so that they become live.

Dr Cameron Shand
Dr Cameron Shand
Research Fellow in Disease Progression Modelling and Machine Learning for Clinical Trials => Francis Crick Institute